Hedgerow Netting

Hedgerow netting is a mitigation technique used to prevent birds nesting within a hedgerow or area of scrub. Typically hedgerow netting is carried out when it is not possible to remove an area of vegetation prior to the bird nesting season (March to September); this maybe because planning permission has not yet been granted, or if the development start date is not until later in the year.

The nets are installed prior to the bird breeding season (it can be carried out during this period, if our ecologists can confirm the hedgerow is free of any nesting birds). Ideally the netting would be installed in February prior to the bird breeding season in which the hedgerow is to be removed. When hedge netting is left in place for a long of time, the chances of gaps or tears occurring increases. The netting is also very visible and therefore can be subject to vandalism, and can be damaged by cattle, horses and sheep (and therefore in some circumstances may not be suitable). The net must then remain in place until the hedgerow is removed.

Further information can be found on our Hedgerow Netting Information Sheet.

The EMEC Land Management team have worked on a number of hedgerow netting projects across the East Midlands and further afield. The process of hedgerow netting can be seen via the timelapse photography on a recent project in Essex.

If you are considering asking EMEC Land Management for a quotation to complete hedgerow netting at your site, please provide us with photographs and the precise measurements of the hedgerow that will require netting (including maximum height, width and length) and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation. In some cases we may need to make a site visit prior to providing a confirmed quotation.